CrossFit is a fantastic way to train and develop fitness.

However it is often can a daunting prospect going straight into a class environment. One to One Coaching is a great way to introduce and develop the basics of movement mechanics and class structures. The aim to is give you the ability to be able to tailor the classes to your specific needs.

Whether you are a full-fledged Member at V90 CrossFit or another facility or Brand new to CrossFit. PL3 Training provides several alternative types of support to enable you to maximise the results achieved from your CrossFit Training. Kick-starter programmes are a great way to get you up to speed and into classes smoothly and effectively.


5 Sessions + Free 90min Initial Assessment

Are you an avid gym goer gym and/or keen on boot camp type classes, want to take their training to the next level and interested in giving crossfit classes a go then this is for you.

10 Sessions + Free 90min Initial Assessment

Looking to get stuck into something new but believe your not fit enough for cossift well you defiantly are not. This is a well rounded approach to get into classes this is a great option, you will see some amazing differences after this process.

15 Sessions + Free 90min Initial Assessment

Wanting reinvigorate your life, maybe the doctor has said you need to look at your lifestyle and look to exercise more. These session are design to develop you and help you achieve thing you thought you’d never be able to again.

CrossFit Member Support & Personal Programming

There are various options available from 30min slots twice a month to 60min sessions weekly to accompany your membership. These are a great hone in an work on specific skills or diet and get that extra little bit out of your training.


Every session is tailored for any level, and the dedicated coaching Pete gives every member is like nothing I have ever witnessed in a gym before.


If you would like to find out more about our services, or have a plan in mind, we would like to hear from you.