Before I went for PT with Pete I had avoided lifting weights and high impact exercise for years because of chronic back pain, sciatica and knee problems.

As a physio with a passion for exercise I had never really enjoyed PT sessions before, as I just felt I was paying someone to watch me do things that I could easily do on my own! I had always wanted try CrossFit but was worried that the exercises involved would be too extreme for me.

Pete is extremely knowledgable and skilled at breaking down the exercises and “scaling” them to accommodate whatever worries or aches and pains people have. Working with him was a revelation, as in every session I found myself trying things I never thought I would be doing, with all my body has been through, including major spinal surgery,  2 ceasarians, and various knee and shoulder injuries. I always left the sessions on a high, and keen to come to my next one, despite the fact that I was really sore for the first few weeks.

Working with Pete has given me a massive increase in confidence in what my body can do, as well as a renewed belief that I can achieve anything if I work at it. Thanks to Pete I have now been enjoying regular CrossFit sessions for almost 2 years. I can easily do things that I never thought possible, including handstands, box jumps,  and lifting really heavy weights over head. I have never enjoyed exercising indoors quite so much, and the improvements in my general fitness and strength are evident in all the other sports I participate in. I can’t recommend Pete and his PT or coaching highly enough.

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