Peter Lamb is a very effective head coach and personal trainer at V90 gym. He has been coaching for 8 years and has a level 3 PT qualification, BSc sports biomedicine & nutrition, MSc strength and conditioning and UKSCA (UK strength and conditioning association) which shows he is extremely committed to broadening his knowledge of sport and health. Because of these qualifications, Peter has a great understanding of weightlifting and exercise, meaning that I trust the programming he has planned for me over the past four years to have to the desired results because a lot of skill and years of education has gone into creating that programme. Another reason why he is so successful in his job is because has a great activity structure, he keeps personal training sessions and classes structured with set times for exercises and rest periods; he always includes a technical, strength and conditioning element. This ensures that the people he coaches become well rounded athletes with no strong weaknesses. Additionally, he has great time keeping and organisational skills which allows his working day with clients and classes to run smoothly, this means that every client gets the full hour that they have payed for and gets the best possible quality session for their money. Peter pays close attention to my strengths, weaknesses and goals, using this information he organises sessions according to these factors to help me to progress quickly in our one to one personal training sessions.

Peter is a great motivator for his personality and enthusiasm are key qualities that help bring a positive energy to his classes and personal training sessions; this enables his clients learn in the best atmosphere possible. If I’m feeling unmotivated for a session, he will make a strong effort to change my mindset from pessimistic to optimistic which allows me to perform at my best in the session ahead; this again helps me develop my skills and improve at the fastest possible rate. Furthermore, Peter shows good communication skills when in classes because he makes a conscious effort to speak to everyone in the class beforehand to see how they are feeling and whether they have any injuries that may inhibit them performing in the class, he will also suggest ways that they can work around their injuries if problems arise so they can still complete the class to the best of their ability which makes him an adaptable coach. He is friendly and approachable which means that I and other clients feel comfortable coming to him to seek advice which is important for the client’s development as if they didn’t ask for help their problem or weaknesses would never improve; this also shows that he had good listening skills.

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