I have always loved sport and been a member at many gyms and classes, but never consistently and certainly always dreaded the session before getting there. It wasn’t until I found Crossfit, and with Pete’s coaching that I truly have found my thing!

Right from day one I have felt so welcome and supported, never feeling like I’m not good enough or don’t know enough. Every session is tailored for any level, and the dedicated coaching Pete gives every member is like nothing I have ever witnessed in a gym before. I have consistently been coming for 2.5 years now and I know I will never stop Crossfit. I love the way Pete’s coaching incorporates every aspect of fitness and he is always educating everyone who trains with him about the importance of this. Crossfit is the sport that keeps on giving, whatever level you are at and whatever your goals the training always feels like it is at the right level for you and with Pete’s help you will never stop learning and growing!

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